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Buying a home is always personal and emotional decision, we help you finance your dream you can call home for generations to come.

With a number of choices, we give you a flexibility to choose a place that lets you be you.


Mortgage is a secured loan with a property or asset attached as a collateral.

Obtaining a mortgage can be intricate as lending out money is an uncertain business for banks. They want to make sure that they will be paid back. If you’ve been rejected for a mortgage before, it can be even more hard to acquire one.

Through an application and underwriting process, mortgage lenders will require to validate anticipated borrowers. Home loans are only given to those who have adequate assets and income relative to their debts to practically carry the value of a home over time. When making the decision to extend a mortgage, a person’s credit score is also assessed. The interest rate on the mortgage also varies, with riskier borrowers receiving higher interest rates.

The Centennial Group works on preparing you to get a mortgage loan on the best possible interest rates through our extensive experience and the study of approval processes. We work on your file to make it credit-worthy for lender wherever possible based on the knows trade techniques.

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