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Faizan Shaikh, Founder & CEO

Faizan Shaikh / Founder & CEO

22 years experience in finance

Mr. Faizan Shaikh founded Centennial Solutions in 2014, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to guiding clients towards financial freedom and enabling business growth. With a visionary perspective of mutual success, the ethos revolves around the principle of “they win, we win.”

A stalwart in financial management, Mr. Shaikh’s expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries. His global endeavors involve identifying business opportunities, linking innovative ideas with investors, and addressing the critical financial juncture for startups, ensuring a seamless transition to financial stability. Under his leadership, The Centennial Group has earned acclaim as a comprehensive, end-to-end financial services provider.

Mr. Shaikh brings a wealth of international banking experience from renowned institutions in Singapore, Poland, Malaysia, and Pakistan, further enriching his strategic approach to financial leadership and innovation.

With more than 22 years of corporate banking experience

The founder and the CEO of The Centennial Group,Mr. Faizan Shaikh
is no stranger to the local and international financial market. Before taking on the highly competitive financial district of Dubai.

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